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Pice Advisory Services (PAS) is provided by Greetland (Global) Limited, and is an advisory service for those that need help with financial, legal and technological matters. In particular, we provide help for those who are in debt and need support. We try to help where we can, but we are not legal professionals and do not provide professional legal advice.


Pice Advisory Services will, where requested, help and assist with legal action taken against companies who have taken advantage of individuals. This help is provided on an advisory basis, and is based on our years of personal experience within the financial and legal fields. Our employees are not qualified in either of these fields, and their advice should not be taken as qualified.


We will act on behalf of others to attempt to resolve any financial issues they might have involving potentially invalid credit agreements, or other debt-related issues. This may involve writing letters on behalf of others, or providing assistance in litigation.


When letters are sent out, we always endeavour to make sure that these letters are checked and verified by the person(s) we are assisting 'before' the letters are sent. This is to make sure that the person(s) are happy with the content of the letters.


Correspondence related to finance normally takes place in the following order:

(a) initial letter sent to financial institution requesting credit agreement

(b) letter advising of invalid/missing agreement

(c) letter requesting repayment of monies already paid

(d) final letter requesting repayment along with warning of legal action

(e) court summons issued.


We always hope that not all of the above steps will be needed. However, we have found that often, whilst it is probable we can get the debt account(s) closed, in order to recover the monies already paid then legal action is often required. We can help with assistance in completing the court summons forms, and will also help if needed at the time of a court hearing.


With many cases resolved in the past 18 years, we have managed to close debt recovery in every single required case - that is a 100% success rate!


Part of our process involves making sure that financial institutions abide by the law. Failure to do so will result in fees being charged on behalf of the person(s) we are assisting. These fees are similar in nature to that charged by financial institutions for breaches of their own terms & conditions, such as unauthorised overdraft etc.

Every law incursion brings an automatic £5,000.00 service charge. This is reduced down to £1,000.00 if paid within 14 days. If a period of 14 days expires then the original amount of £5,000.00 will stand. This amount must be paid by the financial or legal institution responsible for such a breach. We will notify the company responsible on your behalf of the breach of the law, and advise them of the need to make payment. We will also take action on your behalf to retrieve this fee, including legal action through the courts. This legal action is separate from any other legal issues involving debt/finance. The monies retrieved will be passed onto yourselves, minus our applicable fee.


As a business, we naturally have a charge for our services; for finance these charges are broken down into a fee for successful debt reduction, and a fee for retrieval of monies. We are unable to provide a set fee for financial cases as each case is different, and we do not wish to mislead you. We do not make a charge upfront, and monies are only payable when the case has been resolved. Our help is not the cheapest around, but we do care about each of our clients; we help you to help yourselves against the greed and corruption of larger financial institutions. In legal and technological cases, we charge by the hour, a fee that is dependant on the level of skill required. We ask that you contact us so that we might try to help you further.

Monday, June 17, 2024
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